Kinesiology What is Muscle testing


Kinesiology: What is Muscle testing? An Introduction

Kinesiology is a tool which allows you to enhance your performance in every aspect of your performance. Muscle
testing (a.k.a. muscle monitoring) is a biofeedback mechanism that provides us simple and direct access to the biocomputer that is our being and allows us to assess and upgrade its performance.

Kinesiology l: Basics

-How to Do Accurate Muscle Testing
-How to Find Blocked Energy
-Kinesiology and Energy Meridian Balance

Cost: $225

Kinesiology ll: Nutritional Testing and Balancing

-Basic Principles of Nutritional Testing
-Testing for Food Sensitivities
-Testing for Vitamins and Supplements
-How to Determine Dosages and Frequencies
-Testing for Environmental Sensitivities

Cost: $225

Kinesiology lll Energetic Kinesiology

Prerequisite: Kinesiology Basics Workshop Both Days: Energetic Kinesiology

-The Body as a Hologram – working with Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Bodies
-Identifying and Correcting Vibrational Coherency Issues
-Working with Color, Sound, Frequency to Balance Chakras and Aura
-Identifying and Correcting Limiting Beliefs (“Money doesn’t grow on trees!” for example)
-Setting and Balancing Goals (ideal diet, ideal exercise, for example)
-Clearing Past Life, Present Life Traumas

Cost $290