Reiki I Self Healing

In this course you will learn the origin, history, and principles of the Usui Reiki Ryoho System; receive an
energetic attunement which connects you to the universal life energy; learn the traditional hand placements
for treating the whole body; learn self-healing giving Reiki to yourselves and others using the traditional

Manual and certificate included.
Cost: $135

Reiki ll Practitioner

The second-degree training builds upon the basic elements learned in Reiki First Degree; You will continue your
study of Universal Energy by adding the use of sacred symbols, which are tools to facilitate connecting with
aspects of the Universal Energy for healing. You will receive an energetic attunement connecting you to the
usage of these sacred symbols; and also learn the protocols for distance healing.

Manual and Certificate included
Cost: $165
Must Preregister

Reiki lll/Master

Third degree /Master training Includes two more key symbols and is a wonderful experience that will result in
further enhancement of your skills as a practitioner. This attunement will enable you to initiate others as
Reiki practitioners and Masters.

Manual and Certificate included
Cost: $550